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We love what we do

We’re committed to providing a reliable and highly effective customer services solution that will boost to the lives of our clients and their clients alike, all over the world.

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Telephone Answering

Your telephone is your most important business tool. When your phone is answered in person, promptly, politely and efficiently, it says you’re a professional, it says you care.

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Multimedia Answering

If you market it, we answer it.

We offer the worlds largest range of answering services, from emails, Live Help, Facebook and much more!

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Telephone Answering Telephone answering
Every call is important. When a customer contacts you, existing or potential, and you can’t take the call, they are seamlessly diverted to your PA.

Live Help Answering Live Help answering
Live Help enables your website visitors to get more information by way of instant messaging. Your PA answers all chat requests.

Call Back Answering Call Back answering
This simple service enables your PA to receive a notification when a call back request is made on your website. MyPA Office calls each request back within minutes

Social Media Answering Social Media answering
MyPA Office is notified of comments, messages and tweets, and actively responds to questions and requests.

Email Answering Email answering
MyPA Office monitors email addresses of your choice whilst responding to enquiries and can unsubscribe to junk, time wasting, or dangerous material.

Message relay Message relay
Simply reply to any message your PA sends you with an instruction. Your PA can contact the caller, or wait until they call again.

Appointment making Appointment making
You can share single or multiple online calendars with MyPA Office. No matter where your enquiries come from, your PA can book appointments whenever possible.

Appointment reminders Appointment reminders
Reduce ‘no shows’ with this powerful add-on. MyPA office can schedule a reminder text before the appointment is due.

Data management Data management
Using data taken whilst answering your enquiries, a simple database is sent to you and updated on a monthly basis.

MyPA 24-7 MyPA 24-7
MyPA Office helps your business grow and continues to answer all enquiries, even when your office is closed. 24-7, 365 days a year.

Telephone numbers Telephone numbers
We can arrange geographic or national numbers with a diversion facility already included, with optional call forwarding.

Postal addresses Postal addresses
We can arrange local, national and prestigious business addresses with postal forwarding. Your PA can even pay in cheques for you.