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    We offer the worlds largest range of answering services, from Live Help, Emails, Telephones, Facebook and much more. You'll have more free time and a highly professional customer services front.

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    Whichever service of ours you choose, you will have peace of mind knowing that we love what we do and we're great at it!

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    We’re committed to providing a reliable and highly effective customer services solution that makes a genuine boost to the lives of our clients and their clients alike, all over the world. Experience our award winning Telephone answering service for one week completely free.


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Grow your business knowing that you will always have the required customer services available.



Answering add-ons

Give any MyPA Office answering service a powerful boost with any of our unique add-ons.



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Unlock the entire range of MyPA services and choose which work best for you, in 3 easy steps.



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We're committed to helping our clients succeed, expand & grow

Our PA's are real and genuine people, recruited to our expanding team for their commitment to making a positive difference to small businesses. We take pride in learning about our clients and strive to deliver exceptional business services, exactly as if based in the office.

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue No Pay As You Earn

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue No additional office space

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue Flexible handling instructions

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue No employment contracts

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue Only pay when we work

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue Holiday and leave cover

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue No additional resources

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue Always ready to help

Telephone-Answering-Page-tick-blue Save £1000's in over-staffing

How it works
Your MyPA team includes PA's for all primary business fields, able to offer a range of unique business services, and there for you whenever you need them. You have complete access to Answering PA's, Marketing and Design PA's, Administration and Accounts PA's. With MyPA Executive, you'll get your own Executive PA too. Your Answering PA's cover your main points of communication according to their specialist fields, including Telephone answering, Live Help answering, Social Media answering and more. Each PA service is packed with incredible features and optional add-ons for a truly tailored, and highly effective personal assistant experience.

The complete service for your business

Answering & PA services


Telephone answering

Every call is important. When a customer contacts you, existing or potential, and you can’t take the call, they are seamlessly diverted to your PA.


Live Help answering

Live Help enables your website visitors to get more information by way of instant messaging. Your PA answers all chat requests.


Call Back answering

This simple service enables your PA to receive a notification when a call back request is made on your website. Each request is quickly called.


Social Media answering

MyPA Office is notified of comments, messages and tweets, and actively responds to questions and requests.


Email answering

MyPA Office monitors email addresses of your choice whilst responding to enquiries and can unsubscribe to junk, time wasting, or dangerous material.


Message relay

Simply reply to any message your PA sends you with an instruction. Your PA can contact the caller, or wait until they call again.


Appointment making

You can share single/multiple online calendars with MyPA Office. Appointment making is compatible with all Answering services.


Appointment reminders

Reduce ‘no shows’ with this powerful add-on. MyPA office can schedule a reminder text before the appointment is due.


Data management

Using data taken whilst answering your enquiries, a simple database is sent to you and updated on a monthly basis.


MyPA 24-7

MyPA Office helps your business grow and continues to answer all enquiries, even when your office is closed. 24-7, 365 days a year.


Telephone numbers

We can arrange geographic or national numbers with a diversion facility already included, with optional call forwarding.


Postal addresses

We can arrange local, national and prestigious business addresses with postal forwarding. Your PA can even pay in cheques for you.

Client testimonials
"I have used MyPA Office for a number of years now to pick up the overflow of our incoming calls. They always provide an efficient and reliable service, with highly detailed messages forwarded in a timely manner."

- Island Hotel Firm

"MyPA Office's answering service is second to none. Their PAs are highly trained and know our business, our clients and suppliers. They deal with calls, emails and social media in a friendly, polite and professional manner."

- Website Hosting Company

"We started using MyPA Office when we were a smaller company than we are now, to assist in answering calls. We still divert calls and they transfer calls to engineers and eliminate sales calls, which is a great help."

- Security Company

One week free trial

Trial our globally unique telephone answering service for 1 week completely free.

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A free in-depth and scored report of your website and advice on how to improve it.

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MyPA Executive

Talk to an Executive PA and unlock the whole range of our unique business services.

We tailor our service
to your needs

Your PA team can use website forms, quote forms, dashboards apps, excel spreadsheets, documents or property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. PA's can even post physical literature with your letterheads and so much more.

Rocket boost your customer services

Your team takes learning about your business seriously, is committed to winning you sales and always goes the extra mile for your enquiries. With your customers cared for, you can do as you do best while never missing an opportunity.

We obsess over the
smallest of detail

By combining frequent training and a fully dedicated approach, your PA's understand your needs and how best to handle your enquiries at a reliable and impressive standard. Your updates or new instructions are instantly implemented.

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For any questions about starting an account with us or about your existing plan, please leave a message below and we'll be in touch as quickly as possible or call us on: 0800 999 0004.

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